˚ʚ ୭ Arisu’s Cafe! ꒱ Social ✧ Commission ഒ˚₊

Ꮺ ꒰ Welcome to our cutsie cafe that hopes to bring fun and love to all of our members. Enjoy your stay love! ꒱

˚ʚ ୭ Arisu's Cafe!   ꒱ Social ✧ Commission ഒ˚₊

Created: March 15, 2021

Members: 12869

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୨୧ Our cafe was created as a safe place for all people to socialize, game, and to have fun. We encourage everyone to express themselves, whether thats through art or through trading! There are many activities you can do which can allow to to win so many rewards. We want to build an amazing community, and our cafe welcomes new members with warm hugs to also engage in some fun!

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