‧₊˚ ➹ benevolence ➹ ‧₊˚ 『emotes & chill 』

our server is a place for sanrio fans and even non-sanrio fans to connect and share their interests ! + cute emotes <3

‧₊˚ ➹ benevolence ➹ ‧₊˚ 『emotes & chill 』

Created: October 11, 2020

Members: 9028

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hihi (≧∇≦)ノ !!

are you a fan of Sanrio and cute emotes? then you’ll love‧₊˚ ➹ benevolence ➹ ‧₊˚ 『emotes & chill』 ! we have a whole lotta bunch of adorable Sanrio emotes to use, and our community is all about sharing the characters and chatting with friends ! whether you’re looking for new friends to share your love of all things sanrio or just a place to hang out and relax with non-toxic members, our server is the perfect spot !!

we also have a ton of community activities like
✧ joke of the day
✧ question of the day
✧ sanrio of the day
✧ poll of the day
✧ positivity
✧ many bots including mudae, mimu, tacoshack, dinnerbot, pokebot, and counting bot
✧ ++ frequent events n giveaways ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

hope to see you soon ! we’d love to have you in our server <3

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