♆ ReFleX’s Devil Den ♆

We are a VRChat avatar server that can offer: ⛧Giveaways,⛧Avatar Competitions,⛧Marketplaces and More!

♆ ReFleX's Devil Den ♆

Created: April 19, 2020

Members: 5523

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– This Server is my main hub of communication and form of feedback for all of the VRChat avatars I make and offer free to the public.

– I update members frequently with announcements or teases for my upcoming work and sometimes ask for feedback on what’s to be worked on real time.

– If you are an active VRChat player than suggest you join and see how much more we have to offer like:
>Free Avatars
>Premium Avatars with the latest features of content.
(Original concepts and models made from scratch)
>Seasonal Avatar Competitions
(Cash prize and exclusive rolls + Channel)
>General Support for uploading any of my models

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