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We are a group of Christians. We mostly help with addictions of any kind. and we hang out and chat!

✞ HopeInChrist.Life ✞ Recovery ✞ Friendship ✞ Debate

Created: June 22, 2022

Members: 1725

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Hope In Christ is a multi-denominational group of friends and fellow Christians. We have Bible Study once a week in two time zones (Thursday 8pm CST.) We are usually pretty relaxed and enjoy sharing ideas about faith with each other. Our biggest outreach so far is our addiction recovery group. We gather, uplift, and support each other with the help of Jesus Christ. So, if you want to meet some friends, praise the Lord, join a Bible Study, or get addiction support, then we hope we have something to offer for you. We would love to have your company. Thank you, and may God bless your day.

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