How to Set up Priority Speaker?

On Discord servers, everyone can get loud and it becomes difficult to listen to everyone and hear what they are saying as everyone is yelling at each other.

So, Discord has a specific feature for that called “Priority Speaker”. This feature will prioritize the users selected and the will have the ability to speak at 11 when everyone else is at 2.


Priority Speaker privileges can be assigned to a role and to any user in the server by anyone who has “Manage Roles” permission. These privileges can either be assigned to Channel Level or you can give these out on Server Level.

Setting a Keybind

Since this feature requires you to use Push to Talk, you will have to set up a keybind for this feature in order to activate it.

To set up a Keybind, you will have to:

  1. Go to User Settings > Keybind > Add a keybind.
  2. Under Action Push to Talk (Priority) and select keys for this action.
    Keybind Discord
    [Source: Discord]

Setting up Priority Speaking on Server

To set up Priority Speaking on your server via a role, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Server Settings > Roles.
  2. Set up a role that you think is deserving of this feature.
  3. Once you do that, Enable Priority Speaker which you will find at the bottom.
    Priority Speaking Server
    [Source: Discord]

Setting up Priority Speaking on a Channel

If you don’t feel like giving these privileges to users across all channels then you can set these permissions on channel level too. Before you can proceed, you will have to disable Priority Speaking from Server Settings > Roles.

Once these permission are exempted from everyone, you can: 

  1. Go to Voice Channel Settings > Permissions.
  2. Add the role or user whom you are trying to grant this permission.
    Priority Speaking Channel
    [Source: Discord]
  3. With a user or role selected, turn on Priority Speaker for it.
    Priority Speaking Channel-2
    [Source: Discord]

Once you do that, the permission will be granted to the selected role/user.


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