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Created: June 09, 2017

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The 49ers server is dedicated to everything Red & Gold.

In our server you can keep up to date with the latest news about the 49ers players, the organization, and roster moves. You can join us for film breakdowns and analysis and discuss with fellow fans. Talk trade rumors, depth chart, QBs, and everything in-between!

Our community is unbeatable. You can join in community events including game watch parties, giveaways, and more! But we love more than just football too, so check out all our channels to see what may interest you.

Want to prove you have the ultimate football knowledge? Try joining one of our fantasy leagues and beating out the competition. The absolute winner of all leagues gets a special role in the server.

Not into fantasy but still want to prove your knowledge? We do pick ’ems too, as well as in-server predictions where the winner gets a crown and bragging rights.

So whether you’re a 49ers fan, a rival fan, or just a fan of football, stop in today and say hi!

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