7. Fußbataillon

Official home of the 7. Fußbataillon, the most active NA Prussian regiment! Join for daily private Holdfast linebattles!

7. Fußbataillon

Created: June 30, 2019

Members: 1030

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Our primary game is Holdfast: Nations at War, a linebattle game set during the Napoleonic Wars. We are a Hessian based fictional battalion fighting under the Prussian crown against the encroaching French. Join us and you will experience one of the biggest units in the game fielding multiple infantry companies as well as grenadiers, skirmishers, artillery and cavalry.

More than that, we are a community. We play many other games, and have regular non-Holdfast events every week. Our pride rests on our welcoming and fun community where our members can come and relax after a long day. If you want an online community where you can get immersed and make real connections with players around the world, you can stop searching.

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