a 17+ community made by armys, for armys! join for bts-focused events, watchparties, conversations, and more!


Created: January 22, 2023

Members: 1594

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with the wide array of BTS-named servers and communities out there, we found that there tends to be a lack of ones that are focused on BTS solely and the members tend to be of a younger demographic.

as adult ARMYs who are seeking an active community of other fans who prefer to only talk about BTS over other kpop groups, we have decided to create our own, thus birthing this server: 777 /btspop

if you are a 17+ army / btspopper, looking for a place to talk about all things BTS, then consider this as your new home! filled with like-minded and active members who will warmly welcome you, prepare to enjoy your stay in this server

p.s. we have a verification system to keep trolls out. just tell us your name, age, and ult group so that we can verify you!

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