(_/) ʚ♡ɞ ・dainty﹒therapy﹒advice﹒safespace﹒pfps﹒decor

A safespace for you to ask for mental health advice, make friends, find cute profile pictures, aesthetic text, and more!

(_/) ʚ♡ɞ ・dainty﹒therapy﹒advice﹒safespace﹒pfps﹒decor

Created: April 11, 2022

Members: 1375

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A free therapy server that prioritizes everyone’s mental health. You can vent anonymously, rant, ask for advice, and more. This is a safespace for everyone! It is troll-free and everybody is accepted no matter how they identify. Alongside cute profile pictures being posted daily, aesthetic text decoration, we also have question of the weeks, fit checks, and more! The community is active fun and loving! Come join us <3

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