Age of Aincrad ®

Age of Aincrad is a server dedicated towards developing a Sword Art Online inspired MMORPG!

Age of Aincrad ®

Created: February 10, 2016

Members: 4700

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Age of Aincrad is an action-based MMORPG game inspired by Sword Art Online.
Made for you, by a team of passionate developers aiming to take the MMORPG world by a small storm.

Age of Aincrad puts heavy focus on narrative, exploration, and immersion, but more than anything – fun!
Engage in a variety of Player vs Environment and Player vs Player content. Fight powerful world bosses, take part in arena matches to show off your might. Start your own or join a professional adventurer guild. Make friends, maybe even enemies along the way, as you aim for the top of the world by defeating powerful Guardians blocking the path of your ascension on each world floor.

We aim to provide our players with a living, breathing world where they can become anything they want – warriors, guardians, merchants, fishermen – the choice is only up to you!
The world economy in Age of Aincrad is to be shaped by our players alone and anyone will be able to become a master of their trade with enough effort and perseverance.

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