Al-Ukhuwwah | الاُخُوَّة

Al-Ukhuwwah aims at Gathering The Youth on One Platform to Understand, Implement and & Spread The Deen Around The Globe.

Al-Ukhuwwah | الاُخُوَّة

Created: October 13, 2022

Members: 1820

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This community is all about **ISLAM as a DEEN**
Al-Ukhuwwah Calls Upon The Youth of Islam to Rise in order to Raise The Intellect of The Ummah.


⚪ Seerah
⚪ Arabic Grammar
⚪ Arabic Speaking
⚪ Nazm-e-Kalaam
⚪ Naazra Tajweed

The Community Includes:

⚪ Book Reading
⚪ Round Table Discussions
⚪ Organized Debates
⚪ Weekly Streaming
⚪ Weekly Sessions from Various Speakers
⚪ Research Department
⚪ Social Media Campaigns
⚪ Ramadan Activities
⚪ A Vast Library
⚪ Global News
⚪ Helping Hands

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