Alaxouche’s Skyrim/Starfield Hub

A skyrim/starfield community server specialized on modding and modlists. Feel free to join!

Created: September 01, 2020

Members: 3858

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If you are a big fan of The Elder Scrolls game series, or want to check it out, then this server is for you! Our server in a few sentences:
– Discussion rooms between fans, discussion rooms on the Lore of this game
– Category entirely dedicated to modding: discovery of mods, help with installation and conflict resolution, monitoring of the creation of mods by our members…
– Sharing screenshots and videos of TES games
– Rooms dedicated to fanarts, irl photos, promotion….
– A staff and an active community always available to help you

So if you are interested what are you waiting for? We welcome you with open arms to Alaxouche’s Skyrim/Starfield Hub!

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