Ali-A’s Official Discord

The Official Discord Server for the YouTuber & uTure creator, Ali-A.

Ali-A's Official Discord

Created: February 08, 2019

Members: 119340

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Welcome to the official landing page for the Ali-A Discord server!
This is the official, partnered and verified server for me, Ali-A. Right here is the best place you can be to get all the inside information on streams, events and more!

We tick all the boxes, making a safe and fun place for not only fans but also for those who are just looking for a community to be a part of!

By joining our server you will have the chance to participate in videos with me earning you real prizes! We also run competitions, like creating a new server emoji or participating in a bunch of Christmas challenges.

Being part of our community is more than just winning prizes though. You all get a say in my bigger projects too – Like giving inspiration to help steer the direction of my new Scuf controllers!

Hopefully I’ll see you there…

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