Analog (Official)

The world’s first Layer-0 blockchain that's powered by Proof-of-Time. Join to discover Analog and get regular updates!

Analog (Official)

Created: July 01, 2021

Members: 24438

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Analog is on its way to becoming a Layer-0 blockchain that’s powered by Proof-of-Time. Leveraging event data, this project will alter the way many things are currently done as it ushers in the multichain future. How? Event data, when utilized through decentralized means, has the capacity to bring far-reaching improvements in terms of efficiency, convenience, safety, and more. With the potential to be applied in fields as diverse as retail, healthcare, construction, education and practically everything in between, Analog will be an instrumental force in the near future. Intrigued? Join us to learn more! This community serves as your safe space on discussing this amazing project while getting to know the people involved with it!

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