AOE is a community and tournament organiser in Oceania for Overwatch and more!


Created: July 27, 2017

Members: 2669

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AOE is a community and tournament organiser in Oceania that provides opportunities for people to have fun playing video games together. We run some of the largest Overwatch tournaments in OCE from AAOL to our newly introduced Meteor Mash.

Our Overwatch community is an active, thriving collective of players that compete in our variety of tournaments. The AAOL (Amateur Australian Overwatch Ladder) is a free, open registration tournament that is run through most of the year – open for players of any skill or SR. It is the perfect, low-pressure environment to get away from the competitive ladder. Ascent is a purer competitive environment, designed for those players who want to see who the best team in OCE really is, all the while competing for a prize pool. We also run a variety of Overwatch Events, including pick-up-games and our Outback Brawls, a weekly tournament of varying arcade modes.

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