Ape Gang

Ape Gang is a pixel art NFT project, with 3 collections fighting on our play-to-earn game.

Ape Gang

Created: May 10, 2021

Members: 8612

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Ape Gang is a pixel art project with 3 NFT collections, a P2E game, a custom 3D metaverse, an ecosystem powered by $GANG and home to a dedicated community. With the vision to build a brand for the future.

Apes, Toucans, Jaguars and our P2E game fit seamlessly together.

Apes and their holders form the centre piece. They fight in Fight Club and yield $GANG which fuels the whole ecosystem.

Toucans can be used two ways, to boost Apes’ fighting stats OR to boost Apes’ $GANG yielding.

Jaguars have multiple utilities. They add a new dynamic to the world with our innovative genetic-based breeding and fusing. And are able to fight against Apes in Fight Club.

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