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Talk strategy, get advice on deck building and rules questions, and find games with the amazing Ashes Reborn community!

Ashes Reborn Community

Created: September 11, 2017

Members: 2126

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The Ashes Community Discord is the main place online to connect with folks who enjoy playing Ashes Reborn (a competitive, non-collectible card game from Plaid Hat Games), from new players just trying their first preconstructed games right up to old hats competing for glory and trying to one-up one another with their latest hot take and players who are mainly playing the game solo using the Red Rains expansions.

Although Ashes players are located around the globe, the majority of the discussion in this community is in English. The Ashes community is one of the most inclusive and fun you’re liable to find, despite our shared interest in murdering one another through vicious card-based combat, and we look forward to welcoming you to the hobby!

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