Athena’s Vanguard

Sea of Thieves Alliance/Fleet Server ★ 24/7 Fleets & Events | Adult (18+) Community | PvP-free, Safe & Efficient Farming

Athena's Vanguard

Created: January 23, 2019

Members: 16552

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We are Athena’s Vanguard. Our reputation as one of the most professional and efficient Sea of Thieves farming communities is not understated.

We are one of the longest serving Alliance Fleet Servers in Sea of Thieves and cater to those who hate being interrupted on the seas when they’re attempting to get things done by other players engaging them in PvP. We run a full fleet of ships all friendly with each other and in an alliance to maximize your fun and profit while being able to relax safe in the knowledge that your progress won’t be hampered by others.

Our fleet servers are available 24/7 and we operate a simple queue system that allows you to queue up and get notified when a spot becomes available on our fleet for you. We vet each player that joins and verify them with their XBox Gamertag in our efficient onboarding process to attempt to ensure only serious, high-quality, adult members can join our fleets and events to give everyone the best experience possible.

Don’t take our word for it. Join us today on the seas and watch your gold, reputation, titles and achievements skyrocket!

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One thought on “Athena’s Vanguard

  1. Looking to join the seas as a serious player. Have a few friends in the server already

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