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Hey Everyone! This is my server for my Twitch Community! Anyone is Welcome! We chat here, do Giveaways, and host events!

Ayocm's Community

Created: June 20, 2021

Members: 1889

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Hey! I am a streamer on Twitch who mainly streams and plays Fortnite! And here is my server for my community and friends! I use this server mainly to keep my community together, have people get to know each other, and to keep up with my daily life and when I will be streaming! We display a pretty decent active and friendly chat! This server has been a thing for quite some time now but the revamp has only been here since September 2022! Again if you would like to get to know my community and I better, enter giveaways, join events, or even stop by my stream one time, then this is the server for you! I appreciate ANYONE who decides to pop in and say hi, and I hope we get to know each other a bit better! <3

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