Banger, the gaming hub for all gamers alike where those who hold controllers now hold control, and every day is game day


Created: May 09, 2020

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Banger Games is a unified Hub for all Gamers.
Whether you are a competitive gamer, streamer, or simply want to enjoy a match with your buddies, Banger Games provides opportunities for all gamers to come together in one single community and benefit from participating in it.

Our platform aims to be an aggregator for all players in the gaming industry from top publishers of AAA games and brands to the everyday gamer.
The results of this aggregation mean integrating as many games as possible and providing all the opportunities needed to get rewarded for simply playing your favorite game.

In our hub, it’s not just about building a combined user experience and improving your current gaming, but ensuring that everything is transparent, and you have control and ownership over your experience.

Our philosophy revolves around giving power back to the gamers, because at Banger, those who hold controllers, now hold control in a hub where every day is game day.

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