The world's first Web 3.0 blockchain-based event management and ticketing platform for in-person and metaverse events.


Created: October 01, 2021

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Thank you for visiting the Betterticket Dashboard. We are building the future of events by merging Web 2.0 events with Web 3.0 technology. Our community members come from a variety of backgrounds, including blockchain, marketing, sales, and engineering. Together, we aim to make events an economic value asset for DeFi through our aggregation of DAOs events, NFTs events, Metaverse events, and of course live and in-person events.

We hope to accelerate the growth of NFTs in the global market by converting all normal event tickets into NFT tickets, while simultaneously exploring new ways to empower and engage the DeFi space to fully support Web 2 events and its economy as a whole.

As a community, our cultural differences enable us to come together and challenge the status quo of the current events industry. We want to build something people around the world will appreciate and enjoy. Therefore, as a community, we strive for fulfillment and accomplishment across all areas of our work.

As of now, this Dashboard offers a nice repository for all Betterticket initiatives. However, most of our discussion takes place on Discord afterwards, so we hope you’ll join us there. Once again, th

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