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The largest UK-focused educational Discord revision server, built by students, with top tips and live group study calls.

Blair's Brainiacs

Created: November 09, 2020

Members: 29039

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Blair’s Brainiacs is largest UK-focused educational Discord revision server. Our community is focused on providing a supportive and collaborative environment for students of all levels to engage in discussions, share resources, and ask for help on various topics related to learning.

We are a community built for students by students, and welcome people from around the globe at all age ranges. Our server covers a broad range of subjects so whether you’re a high school student preparing for exams, a college student seeking academic assistance, or a lifelong learner pursuing personal development, our server is the perfect place for you.

We host regular educational activities including drop-in revision sessions, and fun events including quiz nights and playlist parties! Join to get help with your homework and assignments or learn concepts from the start. We also provide resources for test preparation, study tips, time management, and goal setting. Our community is comprised of individuals from all around the world who are passionate about learning and are willing to help each other succeed.

Nothing should stop you learning so we provide hundreds of resources, free of charge, to help you study. With a team built entirely by students your age, you’re bound to make new friends and meet others studying your subjects!

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