Playground is the world’s first-ever gaming entertainment show. Some of Asia’s biggest YouTube personalities are roped in to serve the best of drama, gaming, and entertainment in a never-before eSport championship such as Carry Minati, Triggered Insaan, Scout, and Mortal. You can also be a part of the show by supporting your favourite YouTube personalities […]

Silvervale’s Petal Pals

This discord is for the community of the VTuber Silvervale! It’s incredibly cozy, friendly, chill, and enjoys a variety of games and anime! There are regular movie nights, game nights, and hangouts for subscribers on Twitch! There are a ton of really adorable custom emotes and animated stickers for you to enjoy!


The server is for the member who are interested in sharing memes, share ideologies, showcase the game achievements as well as flex some good stuff lol. Anyways whenever you join the server, you may take a day or two to get used to but the members are really good and fun to interact to and […]

Tribe Gaming

The official server for Tribe Gaming – the largest Mobile Gaming Esports organization in North America! Our server boasts weekly Nitro giveaways and events! From Brawl Stars, to Call of Duty: Mobile, we have a spot for all mobile gamers! Talk about gaming, art, memes, life and anything else in our server!

Anime Cafe • Active • VC Chatting • Community • Fun • Manga • Emojis • Emotes • Events • Chill

Join us and become part of a loving community that loves everything Anime! .・゜゜・500+ Anime Emojis! .・゜゜・200+ Colors & self assignable roles! Also level roles! .・゜゜・A beautiful and organized server design! .・゜゜・Extremely active community and chats. .・゜゜・A non toxic, loving and kind Anime community! .・゜゜・Which is always improving based off of YOUR suggestions! .・゜゜・Loving server […]


This server is about the gym, where people get together and motivate, help, provide information to those in need. This server is also just as socially active as we are dedicated to exercise we have a great welcoming community inviting all people into it. We accept everyone no matter what!! So do you want to […]

Anime Pirates

─〴 We offer; ୧∶ A friendly Community ・✦ ୧∶ Active chats・✦ ⚔️୧∶ Chill Staff・✦ ୧∶ Weekly Anime/Manga events・✦ ୧∶ Bots like Mudae, Dank Memer, Karuta, anigame …・✦ ⚔️୧∶ Giveaways from PayPal to Nitros・✦ ୧∶ Partnerships & self promotions・✦ We are a friendly, community-based discord server. Come join us on Anime Pirates! We have many channels […]

The Tribe | Social・Emotes & Emojis・Anime・Gaming・Chill

We are an SFW, non-toxic, & inclusive social server with a wide variety of members, activities, and interests! We welcome all who are interested. We encourage our members to enjoy their time here however they may please. Communicate with others via text channels, our our voice chats! We offer events and giveaways to those who […]