Active Modding Community of BombSquad/Ballisitca Game.


Created: June 12, 2019

Members: 7093

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This is a current most active community of bombsquad modders and players who actively contributing to bombsquad game and create mods for the game.
Under shadow of BombSquad owner Eric Fromeling we do contribute in ballistica , share our plugins with other folks. Find/ask anything you need for bombsquad/ballistica.
Are you a bombsquader ? join and contribute , waiting for you with 3000 others. Bombsquad Community Discord Server. Join with us and explore the possibility of this opensource game. Community not restricted to any country/region/language, people around the world are equally treated and invited here.
Find mods/plugins in Mods Channel. Checkout Community Plugin Manager to ease your life in downloading and sharing plugins. Together people here worked on many mods, ModPack,Server Scripts and helped other newbies to get started with bombsquad modding. Sharing our knowledge from different domains together we learned many things and gave birth to many pro modders.
Our values : Sharing is caring.

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