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Created: December 27, 2017

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Hello! Welcome to the Bonk Leagues Discord Server! We are (technically) the biggest and most active server! However, we are actually a server about Bonk Leagues (

Join if you want to chat with others that play! Share skins with each other and even occasionally participate in a really really really funny event!

I lied. I am a 17 year old senior in high school. Male. Were you on 2 days ago? Outage? Yeah, that was our team, NICAVA. When the site was down we were collecting passwords and session IDS undetected. Chaz figured it out fast and turned the site back on. Now we are manually getting passwords. Our plan is to hack almost every single account in and ban them. Period. We’ve already got about 1,000. When we ban the accounts so much people will make new accounts that the site will have another outage. Chaz can’t turn it back on. We will grab every single session ID in and ban the accounts. Only about 200 people will get their accounts back.

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