Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist governed by the people. Help Botto create its next masterpiece.

Created: April 08, 2021

Members: 3752

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Botto’s server is a place for all of us to talk about the decentralized autonomous artist, pitch ideas, share favorite artworks, and help govern Botto.

Getting involved in the community is straightforward, and the Discord community is the first starting point for any Bottonian! To contribute to discussions, simply join the Discord. If you’d like to participate in governing the artist, it’s suggested you get ahold of an Access Pass and ideally stake some $BOTTO so that you may formally vote on ways to improve $BOTTO.

By getting access through an Access Pass or staking $BOTTO, you’ll be eligible for free collectibles over time and gain entrance to the economy of Botto!

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