Broxus develops DeFi-based products and is one of the core developers of the Everscale blockchain


Created: July 29, 2021

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Broxus develops products based on DeFi and is one of the core developers of the Everscale blockchain.

Our products:

**Octus Bridge –**

Octus Bridge is a decentralized DAO-controlled bridge facilitating fast cross-chain transfers in any direction within a single interface. Octus Bridge supports the following networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom Opera, Polygon, Everscale, Avalanche, Milkomeda and Solana.

**FlatQube –**

FlatQube is a decentralized DAO-controlled exchange where you can swap Everscale-based tokens, participate in farming and staking programs and even create your own tokens with their own liquidity pools and farming programs.

**EVER Wallet –**

EVER Wallet gives you the ability to manage your Everscale-based assets like EVER, TIP-3.1 tokens and NFTs, as well as interact with decentralized apps through an interface available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, iOS and Android.

**EVER Scan –**

With EVER Scan you can explore Everscale blocks, messages, transactions, accounts, tokens and NFTs, as well as verify smart contracts.

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