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BytesToBits is a coding community, full of experienced developers to chat with!

BytesToBits | Coding

Created: August 24, 2019

Members: 3680

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BytesToBits is a community for developers, where you can find other ambitious like-minded people to talk to and have fun with.
Aside from that, we provide you with our own Open-Source Projects you can use for your own purposes.
So I highly recommend you join us, for a cup of coffee, coding, and fun!

❓ What we offer:
◈ Open-source Discord Bots, Projects, and more!
◈ Various Community projects supported by BytesToBits. Yours can be one too!
◈ Frequent events & giveaways.
◈ 3,000+ Members to chat to and vibe with.
◈ Our own coding team that is up to helping you with your project ideas.
◈ Fun QOTD and other little plays and games to make your time with us even sweeter.

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