Cafe Dot

Cafe Dot is made to simulate a social media art feed, where Members can follow their favorite Creators and hang out!

Created: July 01, 2023

Members: 4692

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Cafe Dot is a cozy space created during the recent social media turbulence. Made to simulate an Art Feed, anyone can browse the gallery of extremely skilled artists, watch their streams, and get to know them in a welcoming community.

A following page has been made so you can follow your favorite Creators and get updated whenever they post!

Artists are encouraged to apply to be Creators, where there are no barriers to entry based on skill or internet popularity.

We have a very friendly and welcoming community. Check out the Creative Discussions for threads on many topics, including tips for growing your socials, feedback and WIP sharing, recipe exchanges and more!

Our server is uniquely structured so we hope you will come and give it a try!

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