is the leading open-source scheduling tool, powering scheduling for individuals and all kinds of businesses.

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The Home of This server is the official home for, the leading open-source SaaS platform for automated calendar scheduling. Directly dive into the intricacies of our software and engage with its many features!

Get Hands-On Help: Whether you’re a newbie trying to navigate the waters of or facing a technical hiccup while self-hosting, our vibrant community is here to assist. From resolving queries to brainstorming custom modifications, there’s always someone to lend a hand.

Exclusive Updates from the Team: Stay a step ahead! The team frequents the server, ensuring you’re the first to know about the latest patches, features, and announcements.

‍ Connect with Developers & Contributors: This isn’t just another tech server. It’s a melting pot of talent. Engage with developers, contributors, and open-source enthusiasts from and other software. Forge meaningful connections, collaborate on projects, or simply exchange expertise.

Modifications & Customizations:’s open-source nature means limitless possibilities. Share your modifications, get feedback, or discover how others are reshaping to fit their unique needs.

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