Castela Community

v83 server | x3 exp | x2 drop | x2 meso | [No HP washing] [No P2W] [100's of new mobs / bosses] [custom questlines]

Castela Community

Created: December 16, 2021

Members: 4604

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Castela Community is a low-rate v83 MapleStory private server.

We’ve made a number of changes to the game to balance classes (Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, Aran and Battle Mage), introduced new time-saving dynamics to suit our players (in-game widget, quick travel) and added in a huge amount of new content to tackle.

Castela let’s players enjoy old school MapleStory at their own pace – we’ve structured gameplay around questing, expeditions and party quests, so there’s always something to do.

Crafting / using Maker is a big part of our server, so you’ll find lots of ways to improve your character by playing the game – either solo or with others!

And finally, we’ve got an amazing community of likeminded Maplers! We always welcome newcomers and are glad to have you join.

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