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Created: August 29, 2016

Members: 400560

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ChillZone is a chatting server designed with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends.

➞ Diverse community of men and women
➞ You automatically get rewarded with in-server currency when you chat
➞ Over 100 voice channels you can use, along with commands to create custom voice channels
➞ Custom voice channels, where you can create your own channels
➞ 3 constantly active text chats with tons of people to talk to, girls AND guys
➞ Custom bot with tons of features that range from casino games (like gambling and slots) to a whole gangs minigame where you can create a gang, kidnap other users, upgrade your base, rob other gangs, and much more
➞ Variety of different channels such as the very first confessions channel on Discord, a pokecord channel, a compliments channel,
a selfie channel, and more
➞ Organized staff promotion system to make becoming staff a smooth and clear process
➞ Advanced bot moderation features such as a revolutionary help menu and reporting system

And much more.
Come check us out!

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