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Created: February 10, 2022

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Hello guys, :wave:

and welcome to Chip Tuning®️ Discord Server. :rose:

Chip Tuning®️ Discord Server has been created by Doñ Cheeki, on 18th February 2022 due he’ve decided to take everyone of you with him into the Euro Truck Simulator 2 coding World.

This Server has been made for everyone who want to start to build their dream Trucks all of SCS Base Codes, and/or find new interesting Codes, and of course for those who are new in this Gaming World and want to start with tuning their Trucks in any Style.

Here you can find any Help about any type of Coding in both Games, so do not hesitate and just ask your Question in ⁠ -support.

Here are some of useful Links:

– Official Chip Tuning®️ Website:
– Permanent Discord Invite Link:

Welcome again and we wish you an wonderful Time on this Server and have fun! ❤️️

King Regards,
Chip Tuning®️

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