Civil Networks SCP-RP

The best SCP Roleplay experience in Garry's Mod

Civil Networks SCP-RP

Created: May 27, 2021

Members: 6658

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Civil Networks SCP Roleplay is the best custom experience available for Garry’s Mod. Our servers bring you countless new and unique ideas which set the bar for quality in the genre.

Our SCP Roleplay also hosts an exceptionally friendly and accepting community, with all sorts of members from various backgrounds and regions!

At Civil Networks you’ll experience a fun and engaging SCP experience, where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of the SCP foundation, experiencing the world through the countless different roles available to you.

Whether you’re a devout Foundation employee, a devious Chaos Insurgent, or a mysterious and dangerous SCP, you’ll find the perfect play-style for you at Civil Networks.

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