CivMC is a Minecraft Civilization Server, where gameplay intertwines with politics, economy, and diplomacy.


Created: November 21, 2021

Members: 3133

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CivMC’s main focus is the simulation of civilization, it’s in the name after all. Mechanics unique to the server like protecting blocks individually by reinforcing them with resources. Gives buildings, cities and whole nations a layer of control and protection. Both of which are not infallible unlike other genre’s such as Factions, or Towny. This is in conjunction with another unique feature of imprisoning other players through combat, allows nations to enforce their laws and will on others through force when other means fail.

While CivMC can be quite the grind sometimes, there are also many things to do that are less intensive. Besides building nice things of course. You can become a simple merchant and sell your goods in shops around the word. Or delve into brewery and discover new drinks,foods and drugs with their unique effects. Maybe you’re a fighter looking for the thrill of battle, lending out your sword to nation states or take a more risky route of raiding. Or perhaps you’d simply enjoy a nice group of friends to play minecraft with. This and many things are possible when you’re free on CivMC.

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