Established network of competitive gamers that welcomes a variety of playstyles.


Created: October 28, 2015

Members: 2655

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Active in online games for more than twenty years, we are passionate gamers who synergize towards being outstanding. This resulted in creating Codex, an established network of skilled competitive gamers more than ten years ago. We value transparency and sharing information while always striving to improve, leading us to continuously compete and achieve impressive feats in MMOs.

Our flexible Guild welcomes a variety of playstyles (PvX/PvP/PvE) and personal goals as we respect that each individual is different. Our requirements are fair with equal opportunities, the greater your merit the greater your rewards. We value and support our members, all of which are proudly mentioned in our Hall of Fame.

We maximize progress with experienced, competent and dedicated managers who have proven their excellent track records. Furthermore, clearly pre-defined guidelines prevent misunderstandings and allow for the quick solution to issues. This guarantees all of our members are treated fairly while having the opportunities and support required to further their potential in all aspects of MMOs.

Every member has a voice, we’re open to opinions and suggestions.

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