Cold War: The Iron Curtain

Discord server for the Hearts of Iron IV mod Cold War: Iron Curtain. Keep up to date with new teasers & mod updates.

Cold War: The Iron Curtain

Created: June 20, 2018

Members: 24685

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This is a server for the Hearts of Iron 4 mod: Cold War the Iron Curtain. We are a historically-focused cold war mod covering content from 1949 to the 1990s.

We have a great community of history & politics enthusiasts, with channels covering Cold War politics, current politics, Ukraine, military technology, and other off topic discussions.

We regularly post teasers, announce new updates (with changelogs) and organise multiplayer games with our community. This is also the best place to report bugs, make suggestions or otherwise get in touch with the developers.

We also have many emojis & stickers.

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