Conqueror’s Blade

This is the Officially Supported server for Conqueror's Blade on PC and Steam!

Conqueror's Blade

Created: July 30, 2018

Members: 50656

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Join thousands of warlords as we chat, battle, and connect in the Official Conqueror’s Blade Discord! Our Community Team helps oversee channels where you can raise feedback, share screenshots, highlight reels, memes and more. Get updates on the goings-on in the world of Conqueror’s Blade straight from the source!

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One thought on “Conqueror’s Blade

  1. My account were banned many months ago, because someone hacked my account and post ‘links’ to everyone I am connected and every discord servers I joined.
    I don’t know how to contact staff members of Conqueror’s blade Discord, so I hope any member of staff see this. and contact me 🙁

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