Countryballs.Net Discord Server

We are an ever-growing community of artists and countryball fans with interests in drawing, history, and gaming.

Countryballs.Net Discord Server

Created: June 13, 2018

Members: 7584

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This server is everything with countryballs! We have a very active community, with interests in a lot of topics such as drawing, history, politics and even gaming.

We partner with a lot of game developers to showcase countryball related games, and offer the members a chance to win free keys.

We have great artists in our server and here you can receive a lot of constructive feedback to improve your drawing skills.

Overall we are a balanced community, where we welcome everyone. We try to create a friendly and active environment by running events and connecting with the community on a personal level. We are obviously still developing, and we’d like you to be part of our community while we grow!

Join now, give us a try, and see why our server is one of the best! See you there!

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