ArtCPAclub discord community. NFTs, Staking, Marketplace, Games, 3D Galery.


Created: February 04, 2022

Members: 1509

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This server is dedicated to all art lovers but not only, everyone is welcomed to join, play, communicate, express opinions, receive feedback. ArtCPAclub is a web3 project built on MultiversX (Elrond) blockchain with the purpose of blending art, community and blockchain with purpose of enhancing human potential. The server is part of our official social channels and we are proud of the community gathered here. Everyone is welcomed, community will try to help, we organize daily games and competitions, consultations. Also this server provides updates in regards to our project and partnered servers, giveaways, meme competitions, art competitions. On this server you can find out all the info about ArtCPAclub project.

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