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Created: March 29, 2020

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The CPL project was founded in March 2020 with the goal to develop and support competitive play on classic Call of Duty games on the PC platform.

• Ranked Play with automated discord/game integration
• Dedicated servers
• Tournaments
• Anti-cheat
• Private servers rentals
• Crossplay input
• Various other gameplay enhancements (blurs patched, spawn selection, visibility improvements, bug fixes, etc.)

Supported Games:
☐ Call of Duty 4 [FUTURE]
☐ World at War [FUTURE]
☐ Modern Warfare 2 [FUTURE]
☐ Black Ops 1 [FUTURE]
☐ Modern Warfare 3 [IN DEVELOPMENT]
☑ Black Ops 2 [LIVE]
☐ Advanced Warfare [IN DEVELOPMENT]
☒ Black Ops 3
☒ Infinite Warfare

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