Crab Champions

A crab game developed by Noisestorm coming soon to Early Access on Steam

Crab Champions

Created: February 19, 2019

Members: 53962

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Crab Champions is a run based roguelike shooter where players travel across tropical islands, facing hordes of enemies and collecting powerful loot to grow as powerful as possible.

Play solo or with up to 3 other players, collecting loot, making an overpowered build and defeating fearsome enemies!

Key Features
– Run based: the fun of a looter shooter packed into intense 30-45 minute runs with options to loop endlessly!
– Smooth and responsive movement and combat
– Carefully crafted visuals with a focus on quality while maintaining high performance
– An original soundtrack made specifically for the game
– A variety of cosmetic skins, emotes and victory songs to unlock by completing challenges
– No lootboxes, microtransactions or ANY additional purchases required- all content is available to unlock in game by playing
– Play solo or with Steam friends. All modes equally support solo and multiplayer play with friends

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