OOZ & WADE NFT's official discord(Fashion&Music Premium Membership), also the official discord of NFT platform CRIPCO


Created: June 13, 2022

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CRIPCO is an NFT marketplace and building ecosystem for NFTs endowed with high quality IP rights – what one might call an “IP 3.0 hub”. CRIPCO aims to build an NFT ecosystem where everyone can create secondary content and merchandise with the tooling provided by CRIPCO’s platform. DAO partners can upload NFTs of their intellectual property, such as emojis, videos, icons, and users can buy these NFTs to make videos, virtual avatars, merchandise, which they can use to monetize. CRIPCO’s marketplace will first be launched on Solana, with plans to expand to Polygon, and Flow. IP3 is the utility on initial exchange offer from CRIPCO. Sale price is 0.2$. CRIPCO has formed an exclusive partnership with IPX, formerly known as LINE FRIENDS. IPX, as a DAO member of CRIPCO, will upload NFTs of its IP to populate the ecosystem.

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