Crypt Busters

Crypt Busters: An Exhilarating NFT Action Game!

Crypt Busters

Created: June 15, 2022

Members: 3473

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“Crypt Busters” is a survival action game with roguelike elements where players take to the battlefield alongside NFT Mercs and Combat Vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity has nearly been wiped out by a zombifying virus, making life itself a battle for survival against the Infected.

Utility tokens “BQT” can be earned through gameplay
You can earn “Blood Quartz” (BQT), a utility token in Crypt Busters, by consuming a certain number of “Cores” collected from defeated creatures. BQT can be used to trade and strengthen NFT Mercs.

Wipe out large numbers of enemies and acquire Cores!
The exhilarating experience of a survival game in which you fight large number of enemies at once, and then acquire Cores, makes for an even more exhilarating game experience.

Autoplay support for easy and efficient play
Crypt Busters offers two modes of play: “Autoplay mode”, in which players organize a squad of up to 12 Merc and a Combat Vehicle and send them out to defeat creatures as time passes, and “Survival mode”, in which players control a single Merc manually fighting creatures themselves.

The game can be played on smartphones (Android) as well as PCs. (Some functions are restricted.)

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