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Created: December 17, 2021

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Welcome to CryptoMonkz, the project building the first ever feudalistic voting system in which warrior Monkz, a.k.a MNKZ, will compete in battle. Each Monk has assigned attributes for their health, attack, defense, and CHI. Monkz are ERC1155 tokens, allowing for customization for optimal combat load-outs!

MNKZ get exclusive access to:

Access to and information from one of the world leading experts in on-chain analytics.

The WAR ROOM: An alpha distribution method with proven results.

Selection and creation of Factions, which fight together for control of Ascension.

Ascension: The feudalistic voting system in which MNKZ fight for control of the direction of the project. Will you survive long enough to see your vote cast?

Limited edition genesis merchandise, exclusive real life “armor” to rep your Monkz and your faction!

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