D⁵ is a community hub for TTRPGS. We supply an open community ready to help new & old players alike. Come play some D&D!


Created: October 18, 2018

Members: 3282

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D⁵ is a server for newbies to veterans alike, they accept all kinds of cool peepz and are a social-memeish-meetingplace. They focus very heavy on the Dungeons and Dragons aspect and have lots of active campaigns running everyday, aswell as oneshots being posted daily.
And they are certainly not afraid to teach new people to get into the game and they have a very helpful community for sharing and getting advice on ideas, homebrew and dm materials.
If you seek some refreshment in your roleplay they have a section for that too, and it is what the members make it.
We also host special events now and then with a few months inbetween bringing competition, prizes, themed oneshots and other mysteries.

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