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Multi-purpose server for everyone make new friends. Find Gamers, Anime Fans, Music Bots, Daily Nitro Giveaways & Events!

Created: May 31, 2017

Members: 466951

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This is a multi-use Discord server where anyone can hang out, have fun, and meet new people. Attend interesting events, hang out in VCs, play games, and take pleasure in a server that is bustling with life. You’ll appreciate this server if you like Discord. The entire experience is contained on this Discord server.

In search of live voice chats?
In vc, we often have 300+ individuals online at any given time. (In Discord, the most active vcs!)

Meet new people who share your interests, and with the assistance of our distinctive active member base, you’re sure to meet new people and never feel lonely again.

Have talent?
You’re asked to participate in a weekly talent contest where you may earn nitro and bragging rights and perform your singing, comedy, and rap for an audience of 200+ viewers on average! (For more than 3 years, Discord’s largest live talent event has taken place)

Experiencing Staff Power Abuse?
No matter the cause or circumstance, we have active moderators and staff ready to assist.

Enjoy anime?
You may watch anime and movies on our dedicated channels with friends to meet new people and find shared interests.

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