Deeps 4 Geeps

Deeps 4 Geeps (D4G), is a learner friendly, social environment for PvMers who are Mainscape and Ironmen in Runescape!

Created: September 28, 2018

Members: 1358

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Welcome to Deeps 4 Geeps!

Deeps 4 Geeps (D4G) is a Hybrid PvM and Social clan which specialises in bossing of all tiers and is willing to teach PvM to our members and guests! We cater to both Mainscape and Ironmen with a mixture of both gamemodes. We have a very friendly administration team which all have various experience in a bunch of bosses throughout Runescape. In Deeps 4 Geeps we feel that teamwork is one of the most important aspects of PvMing. D4G has over 500 members and counting! Maybe you could be next! Our discord and events are open to all Runescape players!

Deeps 4 Geeps could be the clan for you if:
– You have an open mind and are willing to learn!
– You are good at teaching bosses and would like to share with others!
– You are looking for a friendly, laid back, non-elitist, awesome community!

– There is no level requirements to join this clan!
– Be active and friendly towards clan members and guests!
– To enjoy our full clan benefits, we suggest being a Runescape member!
– Having a Discord account is highly recommended! (We all socialise here!)

Forum Link: ttps://,93,841,66066220

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