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The open stage for any developer to share their knowledge and experience to the world! (Of course we will moderate you)

Dev Talk

Created: April 07, 2023

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If you happened to be from any of theses countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei – and you are a developer, and hoping to have a knowledge sharing culture, whether you are a beginner or professionals (or probably an enthusiast or curious about the tech world), you are welcome to join our hype train, keep the talk going, and foster a healthy developer culture!

The concept is an open-mic stage, where anyone (I really mean, anyone!) can just request for organising a talk, the admins and the moderators will create an event for you, and advertise it everywhere!

You can also involve in the chat discussions, share events around you, products that you have been hacking/building, and probably tell your journey of the development!

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