DOLJ Roleplay Network™ Staff Needed

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DOLJ Roleplay Network™ Staff Needed

Created: March 02, 2023

Members: 2580

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[ + ] | Department Of Local Justice | [ + ]

Welcome to the Department of Local Justice Roleplay! DOLJ is a realistic, GTA 5 Online Roleplay based Community. We are a primarily PlayStation server, with an Xbox side, and FiveM coming soon! We offer training for Law Enforcement, Fire/Ems, Dispatch, Civilian and even Military Training!

Step One❗️: ~ Join the training Server! As of now, all interviews have been suspended and all members can go straight to our training server!

Step Two❗️: ~ Get your training! Depending on the department(s) you choose will depend on the time it will take. There are available staff who may assist you in showing how to get trained in no time.

Final Step❗️: ~ Roleplay with US!! After completing your 2 simple steps, you’ll now be able to Roleplay with us and have fun! Please keep in mind that there is always support to help you in each server!

⚠️Requirements Of The Community⚠️
〽️ ~ First and foremost, must be able to follow the terms of discord.
〽️ ~ Must be able to respect all members and staff of the community, including yourself.
〽️ ~ Must be able to follow our community ruling.
〽️ ~ And most importantly, Have Fun! We want you to grow tremendously with us!

Available Departments

| San Andreas State Trooper
| Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
| Los Santos Police Department
| San Andreas Fire & Rescue
| Communications Division
| Civilian Operations
| United States Delta Force

[ + ] | Founder/Owner | [ + ]

local_mike3#8808 (ID: 698639300765548604)


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